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Our mission at Circa 1787 is to provide USA-made apparel with American patriotic themes. We believe it is important to remember our history, the story of our struggles for freedom and the leaders throughout our history who embody this great American democracy, a government that derives its powers from the consent of those it governs. America is an exceptional nation and we want to honor its rich history with our one-of-a-kind designs.

Our inspiration comes from our first president, George Washington, who has been described, just prior to his taking the oath of office, as “resplendent with a ceremonial sword at his side, he also wore a plain brown suit of American broadcloth woven at a mill in Hartford.” 

Washington believed that America should encourage manufactures, especially textiles, an industry dominated by Great Britain. Washington hoped it would soon “be unfashionable for a gentleman to appear” in any dress that was not of American origin.

Our original designs are screen printed and embroidered in South Central Pennsylvania on hats and tees proudly made in the USA. If American-made apparel was important to George Washington, it’s important to us and hopefully important to you.

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